What Size Torque Wrench For Dirt Bike

What Size Torque Wrench For Dirt Bike?

Do you have a dirt bike? Did I hear a big yes? Well, if you are planning to have a dirt bike, then you should also buy a torque wrench for dirt bike. The torque wrench is required for the maintenance of the bike, oil change, or to loosen/tighten the bolts!

But, do you know that the right size of a torque wrench for dirt bike be needed? And, now you would be nodding to say NO, right?

Purchasing a torque wrench is an excellent and money-saving idea if you have your dirt bike. Generally, a 1/4 inch analog torque wrench and a 3/8 inch digital torque wrench are recommended for dirt bikes!

And, if still, you feel a need to learn about this fantastic tool and why the size mentioned above would be the best choice, read on more, my friend!

Which Is The Best Sized Torque Wrench For Dirt Bike?

Torque wrenches are the precision tools to measure the specific torque value. The dirt bike requires proper maintenance, or the bolts will break with applying over or under-tightening. Consider torque level at least 5-20Nm; you can tighten the most nuts and bolts of the bike within this specific range.

You probably have to use two or more torque wrench for bike dirt to torque your dirt bike perfectly. Here are two wrenches that are recommended to use!

·  1/4 Inch

The ¼ analog wrench manufactured by Tekton is a dual-direction, click-type torque wrench. It is available in a zipper case having a product manual with a conversion chart. It is the best torque wrench for dirt bikes for a few reasons:

  • Firstly, one can confidently tighten the plugs of any equipment or vehicle to the manufacturer’s specification with calibration of +/- 4% while avoiding broken or poorly screwed parts.
  • Secondly, it has a simple and reliable mechanical operation that emits a click sound when you get a required torque value. When you hear or feel the sound, it alerts you to stop applying force.
  • Thirdly, pressing the release button allows the socket to drop off the drive tang quickly. It makes one-handed socket changes possible.
  • Lastly, these high-contrast wrenches with dual-range scales are easy to read even in low-light situations.

Some other reasons are:

  • Accuracy
  • Reverse rotation
  • Provide an excellent torque range setting for working on bike dirt
  • Avoid expensive damage because of improperly applied force
  • Automatically locks in place at desired lock value

·  3/8 Inch

The craftsman 3/8 inch click style is an excellent digital torque wrench. It is used to adjust and tighten various mechanicals. It is recommended for dirt bike torque wrench due to its features:

  • It has a black LED screen that allows you to see every readout easily, even in the darkest garages
  • A digital bike torque wrench can convert ft-lbs to inch-lbs and Nm simply by touching a button
  • Ergonomic style comfortable handle offers a grip and also reduces fatigue
  • This 3/8 inch digital wrench measures in 25 increments between 5 to 80 ft-lbs
  • It is a micrometer style torque wrench with easy readability
  • It is a perfect torque wrench for small engines
  • Click style torque wrench for motorcycle and four-wheeler

Are you looking for torque wrenches for bikes to maintain your bike? The 3/8 inch digital wrench is the best choice.

What Are The Features Of A Good Torque Wrench For Dirt Bike?

The torque wrench is best for a bike when fastening the bolts properly and obtaining the required torque. You always have to choose a quality torque wrench for dirt bike for getting better results. 

Here are some essential points to follow to select the best torque wrench for bike dirt:

·  Drive Size

As mentioned earlier, you will not adjust every measurement with just one drive size. Standard wrench size is recommended for motorcycles and bikes. You cannot pick an accurate bike wrench size; therefore, you have to choose wisely or get more than one.

·  Available Torque Settings

The torque specification of a motorcycle torque wrench is quite different from a car. You can use a wrench with probably 5-20 ft-lbs torque. The quality torque wrench should show 1.1 ft-lbs minimum torque and 94 ft-lbs as the highest. Both these readings are extreme and exceptional. Try to use a wrench that fits your torque requirement.

·  Quality And Durability

Riders will agree that maintaining a dirt bike is not a cheap hobby. To keep your dirt bike pick a good torque wrench that will save your money in the long run. A quality torque wrench with high durability will help you read more precisely. Click style digital torque wrenches are ideal tools to measure the required torque.

·  Accuracy And Fine-Tuning

Settings of dirt bikes are pretty specific. Some motorcycle torque wrench read 1.1 ft-lbs while others read up to 2.7 ft-lbs. You have to pick a wrench according to your bike requirements. It is suggested to have a wrench with torque setting until 1oth of pounds.

If one wrench is not enough to apply a required force, you can have two or more. Between analog and digital bike torque wrench, always choose digital one. Digital torque wrenches are more accurate, easier to use, and more precise reading than an analog torque wrench.

Frequently Asked Question

1.  Do You Need A Torque Wrench For Dirt Bike?

Yes! It would be best to have a torque wrench for a dirt bike. Because if you are going to tighten the plugs on your own, it can damage bolts themselves. Recommended torque wrenches for dirt bikes are ¼ analog torque wrenches and 3/8 digital torque wrenches. These both are easy to read and give accurate readout.

2.  Can You Use A Regular Torque Wrench On A Bike?

No, never use a torque wrench daily. Torque wrenches are specialized tools to measure a specific torque, not replacing your regular keys. If you use a torque wrench regularly, it will lose the bolts of your bike. Once you fasten the plugs, make sure it is treaded accurately.

3.  How Do I Know What Size Torque Wrench I Need?

It is essential to tighten the nuts and bolts on a specific torque value; otherwise, you will lose a wheel or damage the system. Torque wrenches are precision tools that allow you to fasten the plugs to a specific torque. A required torque wrench will alert you visually, auditory, or tactile feedback.


In conclusion, there is no specific torque wrench for a dirt bike. Always use a standard torque wrench if the size is not mentioned in the manufacturing guide. ¼ analog and 3/8 digital torque wrenches are the most recommended torque wrench for a dirt bike. A more accurate digital torque wrench with a comfortable handle offers easy readability.

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