Torque Wrench Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Torque Wrench Maintenance Tips And Tricks

It is the priority of everyone to get accurate results from their torque wrench. But for this, you need to follow some Torque Wrench Maintenance Tips And Tricks.

Inspect the torque wrench periodically for wear and tear to keep your tool working for a long time accurately and precisely. Remember that you can extend the life and optimize the performance of your tool through proper care and maintenance!

Often, a minor error or an inefficient performance of your tool could be a reason for unexpected downtime. Therefore, always check your tool for cracked sockets damages or make sure it is calibrated correctly to save your time and money.

Today, you will get some of the best tips and tricks that would keep your torque wrench always ready to use!

How Should I Maintain My Torque Wrench Properly?

Examine your torque wrench periodically to maintain performance and accuracy for defective parts. A proper preventive maintenance schedule reduces the performance of the wrench. Therefore, it saves time and money.

As much as you use it, the wrench will damage and go out of calibration. Torque wrenches are precise tools and require proper care and maintenance to function.

·  Inspect Your Tool

It is essential to inspect the wrench and lubricate it periodically that screws or tight or ratchet are spinning freely while twisting the handle. The torque wrench should be corrosion or lubricant-free, and its handle should not be loose. Always inspect any damage before usage and adjust or replace the defective part to permanent failure.

Keep checking the number of cycles per day or memorize the hours you are using the wrench to establish proper maintenance intervals. It is essential to service your wrench as per manufacturer recommendations and not use it more than 100000 cycles.

·  Store Properly

While storing the wrench, make sure there is no grim or dust on the wrench, and it is free from any chemical or other hazards. Store the wrench properly in its storage case or another storage kit that is dry and clean. Clean your wrench with a clean and dry cloth to prevent corrosion or another internal failure.

We are adjusting the wrench to its lowest possible settings. It is necessary to release the spring tension. Disassemble the torque wrench required and follow the properly documented instructions by the manufacturer.

Tips For The Storage Of Torque Wrench

·  Storage

It is best to store your torque wrench in its case. Clean your torque wrench with a dry and clean cloth when storing it to prevent corrosion or other internal damage. Try not to store your tool in a wet, humid, or cold environment. It will cause damage over time.

·  Maintenance

Torque wrenches require proper maintenance for consistent accuracy. Try not to calibrate or disassemble your wrench on your own. Take the help of an accredited laboratory to preserve the precision of the torque wrench.

Keep checking the screws or tight and ratchet are spinning freely while twisting the handle. If you find any worn part, try adjusting it from an accredited laboratory or replacing it to avoid severe damage.

·  Calibration

According to most manufacturers, torque wrenches need to be calibrated annually or after 5000 cycles of use. It is best to set a regular schedule for the maintenance and calibration of the wrench to keep your tool accurate and functional.

·  Use

Torque wrenches are precision tools. Never use your wrench as a hammer. Use the wrench within its recommended torque range; don’t exceed the maximum range under any conditions. Tightening beyond the maximum range can lead to severe damage.

Do not apply any extensions or cheater bars with your torque wrench; only use accessories supplied along with the wrench.

·  Care

Torque wrenches require proper handling and care for quality work. Do not paint or write anything o your wrench. Clean your tool with a dry cloth to remove the grime, dust, or other greases.

Allow tight grip to prevent dropping or slipping of the wrench. If you drop it accidentally, re-calibrate it from any certified laboratory before using it again.

Why Is It Necessary To Maintain Your Wrench Properly?

  • Micrometer torque wrenches have a compressed spring inside them, and because of that, you need to calibrate the wrench periodically.
  • Check the Wear or defective parts of the torque wrench. A well-structured maintenance schedule helps to optimize the tool performance and prevents unexpected downtime.
  • Digital torque wrenches provide a digital display for easy access to read the torque range; therefore, it is essential to care around the display to prevent scratching. 
  • Prevent the wrench from dirt, dust, lubricants, or some grease while storing the torque wrench. It can cause internal corrosion and affect the accuracy of the wrench.
torque wrench maintenance

Torque Wrench Maintenance Tips And Tricks: Frequently Asked Question

1.  How Should I Maintain My Torque Wrench?

Torque wrench requires proper care and maintenance; therefore, most manufacturers provide properly documented instructions along with the device. It is essential to go through and follow the owner’s instructions during the performance. 

2.  What Do You Mean By Preventive Maintenance Of A Torque Wrench?

To maintain the consistent accuracy of the torque wrench, it is essential to make and follow a periodic preventive measure schedule. That includes a visual inspection of the tool, calibration, storage, handling, and many other necessities.

3.  How Long Does A Torque Wrench Last?

The torque wrench’s accuracy and functionality depend on treating it while performing different applications. According to the official website of ISO, a standard torque wrench needs to be re-calibrated after 12 months or after 5000 cycles of use, whatever comes first.

Torque Wrench Maintenance Tips And Tricks


In the end, torque wrenches are accurate tools that require proper maintenance and care. A bit of negligence can affect the accuracy and precision of the task. Treat your torque wrenches with great care.

Follow the proper calibration and maintenance schedule to maintain the performance and functionality of the torque wrench. Moreover, clean the wrench with a dry cloth and place it in its storage case after using it. Never leave any grease or dirt while storing the torque wrench; it can cause corrosion in various wrench parts and lead to accuracy issues.

Hopefully, you get the best Torque Wrench Maintenance Tips And Tricks from our above discussions. It will surely help you to maintain your torque wrench and its accuracy.

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