how to calibrate a click torque wrench

How To Calibrate A Click Torque Wrench

Suppose you know the right way to calibrate a click torque wrench. In that case, it means you know how popular this tool is among all the professionals and mechanics.

To calibrate your click-type torque wrench, pre-load the tool five times without taking the torque measurement. You can also use a calibration device. Set the wrench at 20%, 60%, and 100% of the torque range and take five torque readings. And, if you get all the readings within the accuracy limit, your torque wrench is calibrated and ready to use!

You have to be very careful while calibrating the torque wrench. Continue to read and find out more about your favorite wrench!

How To Calibrate A Click Torque Wrench

Click-type torque wrenches are the most precise and affordable tool for daily automotive work. You can adjust the wrench at a specific torque value by rotating the wrench’s handle to meet the desired torque values.

It is straightforward to calibrate a click-type torque wrench, follow the few simple steps:

  • To start, you have to pre-load the torque wrench five times to the wrench’s maximum torque capacity without taking a torque measurement. Make sure to use a calibration device that is within accurate range.
  • Adjust your click-type torque wrench at 20% of the range, and record a sum of five torque readings.
  • Now, set your torque wrench at 60% of torque and again record five readings.
  • Following complete final five torque readings with 100% torque range capacity of click style wrench
  • Keep checking the torque range that all are within the accuracy limit. If not, then set the wrench according to the manufacturer’s guide.
  • You can modify the spring tension by turning a screw located midway up the wrench’s handle with a screwdriver. For those who are not seeing a screw, your wrench may have a lock nut and an adjustment screw at the top of the handle
  • Repeat the torque calibration process until all torque readings do not become accurate.
  • Now, your click-type wrench is ready to use
  •  Make sure to calibrate your click-type torque wrench after 5000 cycles to ensure the best performance.
  • Every time used, turn back the tool to minimum scale value and calibrate a torque wrench is required. It will help preserve the springs, ensure remarkable precision and maintain accuracy.

Preventive Measures To Follow While Calibrating The Click-Type Torque Wrench

Calibration of the wrench is essential to maintain the tool’s performance. But it is also recommended to follow the precautionary measures while calibrating the click-type torque wrench.

Here are some precautions to follow:

  • It is best to calibrate the torque wrench according to the ISO International Standards organization
  • The standard cover things such as calibration method, design requirement, and tool type
  • Use a torque tester or sensor within the torque wrench range for calibrations.
  • It is a precision tool and requires being treated like a measuring instrument.
  • It should be accurately calibrated and follow a proper calibration schedule and regular preventive measures to secure the wrench. 

A torque wrench is a precision tool and should be treated and maintained like a measuring instrument. It must be appropriately calibrated and maintained on a regular preventative maintenance and calibration schedule. 

After being used, adjustable click wrenches should be turned back to the minimum scale value. It helps preserve the spring, ensures a longer product life cycle with high precision, and maintains the best accuracy.


how to calibrate a click torque wrench: Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Do A Click-Type Torque Wrench Need Calibration?

Torque wrenches need calibration regularly to make sure they are giving accurate readings. Like every other torque wrench, click-type torque wrench requires proper calibration according to ISO.

A properly calibrated wrench works more accurately. The most popular torque wrench measurements are Newton-meter (Nm) and foot-pounds (ft-lb).

Most manufacturers recommend that it is best to calibrate click-type torque wrench annually or after 5000-7000 cycles, whatever comes first.

2.      How Accurate Is My Click-Type Torque Wrench?

Click-type torque wrenches are the most popular device. You can adjust the specific torque range by rotating the handle’s base.

The accuracy of the click-type torque wrench should be between 3 to 5% depending upon the manufacturer guide. It is an accurate and affordable tool but not as durable as a beam torque wrench.

3.      Is It Necessary To Double Click A Torque Wrench?

No, one click is enough when tightening the nuts and bolt. But many users allow a second click to ensure the correct amount of torque.

If there is no click sound the first time, move the weight in the direction opposite to the square drive to the point where the click emanates and move it back till there is no more clicking.

It is best to hear the two-click sound of a click-type torque wrench. By double-clicking, you allow the fasteners to rest for a second, and then you are back at it to get the proper amount of torque here.


In the end, a click-type torque wrench is an accurate tool. But like every other standard tool, it also requires proper calibration according to International Standard Organization. Read the manufacturer manual to know how to calibrate a click-type torque wrench.

Torque wrenches are sensitive tools that require proper handling and maintenance. Therefore most manufacturers recommend calibrating the wrench annually or after 5000-7000 cycles.

Hopefully, you get the desired information about how to calibrate a click torque wrench from the above discussions.

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